John O’Driscoll Director/ Physiotherapist


John has been a physio around the Wellington region for close to a decade. He prides himself on giving you the best quality care and will give you the tools to get back to where you need to be as soon as possible.

John has spent the last 25 years playing football and is currently tussling with the idea of a football sabbatical to do some more marathon running. As a result of his passion for football, he has worked alongside both international and regional level football sides. He has also helped runners at all levels to either get back to their previous level or get them to the start of their first half marathon uninjured!

John has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine (with distinction), which has provided him with expertise in the treatment and management of all Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

John is also skilled in the use of Trigger Point Dry Needling and in the Mckenzie technique for the treatment of Lower back and neck pain.

While he has a wide variety of experience of both acute and chronic injuries, John has a special interest in helping people with lower back and neck pain return to their normal function.